VAT Meeting Notes April 4 2010

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Bookshare Staff:

Nicole Gnutzman - Directory of Literacy Operations

Julie Carpenter - Collection Development Manager

Nicole Norton - (Volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator

Carrie Karnos - Scanning and OCR Manager

Rob Turner - Support

Volunteer Advisory Participants:

Mayrie ReNae
Evan Reese
Amber Wallenstein
Bob Wiley
Dianna Messina
Judy S
Lynnsky I


  • Commentary about the wiki book - publish as bks
    • ACTION: Rick will publish the current draft of volunteer guide for internal review, then we will convert it to a DAISY doc and publish it in the collection for anyone to access
  • Questions about note taking with devices
  • Improving existing - old ascii scans, no navigation elements, etc. - carrie releases original RTF and adds in
    • ACTION: Lara will follow up to be clear on the process for quality improvements in collection with CD
  • Really liked the download books - did they download mine?
    • ACTION: It's in queue to fix the Browse Most Popular to accurately reflect the most downloaded within the last month; we will consider adding # of downloads to book information if possible
  • Matching genres - think would really make more effective
    • ACTION: Nicole N. can follow up on how to best coordinate pairing within volunteer community
  • There's a macro for pagination - judy
    • ACTION: Judy will share the macro with Bookshare team (Rick, Nicole N., Lara) to make available to all volunteers
  • Make a set of standards for volunteers - a checklist (can we automate); what's really expected
    • Ranges from LCD to highest expectations - volunteers don't know what to follow from expectations
      • How to do DAISY navigation
      • ACTION: Bookshare staff will work to ensure this is covered adequately in Volunteer Guide
  • why do we take fair or good? they would have rated those things as fair (good)
    • do certain categories of books get set as "good"
    • Recommendation was that the team use the Quality Reporting to report questions on a book quality rating
  • Did weekend rush job on adult rating- what happened with the feedback?
    • It's in queue for work in first half 2010
  • Questions about reading books? - problem with "jiffy" proofers
    • Feel this was resolved last year
  • Title mismatch; book words replaced that misspellings; duplicate or missing pages
  • Judy - sharing pages; there is a flame war going on
    • ACTION: Julie will follow-up with clarifying message and goals
  • A higher profile from volunteer coordinator; from a communication standpoint and a moderation standpoint
    • ACTION: Nicole N is volunteering for Pavi in her absence but will be available to the community on the list until her return
  • Need more forewarning - in beta testing

lara notes to self:
can we create a jira attribute for audience
Other questions lara had:

Volunteer Questions:
* Demographics (location, age, gender, student/non, types of books)
* Experience with sign-on process
* Experience with the education process
* Experience with community engagement
* Amount of time spent daily/weekly contributing to Bookshare
* Experience with credits as incentive
* Motivations?
* What would allow a broader group of volunteers to participate and be engaged over time?
* What are thoughts around quality (what's the bar, how much value should we add and how)?
* How needs/wishes have changed over time and discussing what they are today...
* I'm curious about quality reports and if they go against a volunteer or back into the pipeline
* Ask about some of the thoughts on educational books.
* Considerations:
    * Breaking up a book into chapters
    * Just metadata volunteer work
    * AT testing for basics - open (pwd working) for im/om, read/sync, navigation, display

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