Series Captains List - Excel Sheet

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Please check the master list and the books being scanned list as well to avoid conflict in scanning.

Please also make sure the entire series is of the utmost quality.

Click on any heading to rearrange the alphabetical arrangement of the list.

Series Captain Date Series Chosen Series Title Series Title Series Title Series Author Series Author Series Author Genre Bookshare has vols. Bookshare needs vols. Notes
Carrie Karnos  1/1/10 Conspiracy 365 Gabrielle Lord Teen Mystery 1-2  12-Mar
Lissi  5/10/10 Pee Wee Scouts Judy Delton
Lissi 5/10/10 Matt Minogue John Brady  1-3 (of 10)  10-Apr
Mayrie ReNae 5/17/10 Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMysteries Carolyn Keene
Mayrie ReNae 5/17/10 Sabrina The Teenage Witch various authors
Mayrie ReNae 5/17/10 Girl Talk  L. E. Blair
Mayrie ReNae 5/17/10 Nightmare Hall Diane Hoh
Mayrie ReNae 5/17/10 Freshman Dorm Linda A. Cooney 
Mayrie ReNae 5/17/10 Sammy Keyes Wendelin Van Draanen

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