FBReaderJ Weekly Volunteer Engineer Calls

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Note: As of 12/16/11 Weekly Friday calls will be suspended until further notice.

Android DAISY reader weekly calls


1. Engineering update: Will aim to freeze code by late next week.

Abhi: Compled work on several issues. taking good progress with several issues. Will communicate with Gerardo on current issue

Mike completed current issue. Will look for open issues and choose additional work. 

Note: Developer key missing so can't login. Gerardo to check on this. 


  1. General update: Paul L lining up beta testers. Commits going up so things moving along nicely. Still on schedule to begin beta testing by second week in January. 
  2. Engineering updates

Abhi: Still continuing work on assigned issue. When you hit navigate button from menu, user can enter page number. Will also show number of pages in book. When will you be done? Can be done by Tue. 12/6. Send email when done.

Mike: After you download book it goes to library and then can directly read book. Getting this issue completed shouldn’t be a problem. How would you like this done? If after download, we can place book into recently read list so that it opens up when you restart. Should newly downloaded book on top of that list? No because user can cancel out and continue reading book still on. Meta data.  If you find ID used is same as one using to store in library then good. Can have by Monday, 12/5? Yes. Do you want me to commit. Yes, if working. If not send email where you are at. 


  1. General updates: New contract Android developer (Fred C) on board. Fred and other people from Bookshare engineering team will be helping now. Anyone can pick bugs from backlog on Jira, but focus on bugs from current iteration.. Focus on bugs on current iteration: 3.6.2. Will try to lock down by 12/8. Mark when you have assigned bug to yourself on Jira. BTW, will keep this call to just volunteers. Have daily stand up call for engineers, but will handle separately. Have IRC channel on Grove. Gerardo will send new invites as old has expired.
  2. Communications: Does everyone know which channels to use for what? Yes. Everyone able to access IRC? Not yet but will sign up ASAP.
  3. Acceptance criteria: Paul F has updated AC. Will cover general activities and functional issues. Not sure how accessibility on Android will work so have put questions in notes. Everyone can eyeball. Paul L & Gerardo to do more detailed review. Will eventually map to Jira, and then map to test document. Paul L. to send around. Later get on Github wiki.
  4. Engineering updates

Abhi: Had made some comments on my bugs and Paul had replied. Working on other feature this week. Someone might want to revisit bugs assigned. Gerardo to handle. Should not pay attention to bug if not 3.6.2. Abhi working on 2 bugs currently.

 Mike: Got things working again. Was able to open again after download bug. Focusing on option to go directly to library. Just about got that nailed. Gerardo: Buttons labeled so screen readers will read them? I am going with what is intrinsically there. Can’t test until can see whole thing.

 Paul F: Will meet will volunteer tester – blind user at Google. Be sure to invite TV Ramen come? Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 12/6 at 1 pm at Google. Paul F will send around final info.

 Gerardo: We did get (new) Nooks from Barnes & Noble. They do accept accessibility and they want us to test. Have already installed FBReaderJ and found one bug.

 Next week no call, will pick up again on 12/2. 



Participants: Abhi Mahule, Mike Sahyun, Paul Lamb, Gerardo Capiel, Paul Farestveit


1. Fix updates & assignments: BTW, thanks for sending screen shots

Mike:. Abhi and I went over topic of button issues. To properly active book with right ID is a challenge. Whether I go into library or root shouldn’t matter. Have changed how button functions. Issues is don’t just want to download, but download and open (FBR-16). Gerardo: Actually want just one operation: download. Mike: now will just focus on that. Should have solved fairly soon. Note: Change ticket option to just download. Paul: not typically download and open with DAISY. Change ticket to before open library open book. Really easy to change.

Paul F: Just started getting familiar with app. Whipped up test matrix doc without seeing any specifications. Based on experience with data readers. Putting together acceptance criteria (Paul L will share with Mike). Am working to get first draft of acceptance criteria (imbedding test matrix) done by 11/18. We will want to revise test plans as we go as necessary. Also will be putting together a plan for beta testers, but first need to nail down acceptance criteria.

 Gerardo: Why don’t we have one person come in to test just to get a sense things? Paul L will send Paul F names of interested beta testers who are local so can vet and invite someone in. Paul F to coordinate testing for this one person.

2. Project management notes: Beta testing shifted to January. 34 interested testers to date, over half of whom are BVI and Bookshare members. 



 Participants: Abhi Mahule, Mike Sahyun, Paul Lamb, Gerardo Capiel

  1. Fix updates & assignments 

Abhi: First level not working properly. Gerardo tried to open (1pK) but getting repeating entries on TOC. Top level row not seen in TOC. Sees one that says notice and intro but then not expandable. Gerardo: Look at ticket fbr 15. Paul F has been filing a bunch of bugs. Fbr33 same thing? Will try to replicate. Gerardo to assign. Note: Paul just filed a couple of days ago. Abhi will look into navigating within TOC. Gerardo: does fbreader render both text and HTML viewer. Yes, both. Why doesn’t do bullett points? Abhi will take a look at it. Also take a look at Fbr 43 (paul filed bug), and also FBR 41  - TOC navigation and rendering.

Mike: still getting up to speed on API. Putting new page at right spot is challenge. Ticket for fbr16 - says want option for menu to come up. Seems like other places just open book. Do you want me to modify downloader or? Abhi will connect with Mike offline to discuss.

      2. Project management notes

A reminder that PM site has timeline & deadlines, team listing and roles all on wiki. Will be working on acceptance criteria next week. Have recruited 26 folks to help with testing (but will whittle down). Paul F to join call next week and will be leading internal testing (QA). Will send out his preliminary test plan shortly.


     3. Miscellaneous

  • Abhi asked about Ashhi’s document with screen shots, etc. Gerardo: should be on jira – both Gerardo and ABhi to try and find it.
  • Mike out the week of 28th.
  • TV Ramen wants to take a look at our work. Stay tuned.



Participants: Abhi Mahule, Mike Sayhun, Paul Lamb

Progress on bug fixes?

-Abhi: Navigation issue. Making progress and hopefully will close by this weekend. Task requires a lot of digging and retracing the code.

-Mike: usability issue – extra step going to library? Struggling with code. Code base is extraordinarily abstract. File book tree, for example, would be factory class. Different things you could add. Need to go and find dialogue, for example, but won’t say in code. So need to go to get reference, etc. No problem for call statements, but hard getting it. No documentation so really hard, and a lot of layers. Jira says create a dialogue and we are saying just open it…download and open it. All the tracing down that is responsible to download book is a challenge, as there are different ways to download a bookwnload a book. Where is both class need to get alignment. This might cause problems for usability. BookShare wants to do one thing or another, but will look at things that are overly abstract. Need to understand general code base. Can Abhi help me?

Abhi: For future reference. I just followed what Steve developed and made changes. Top down architecture description. Can’t find bird’s eye view of architecture. Need to have documentation. Noted that originally he had ported over work being done by Russian team over to Android/DAISY.

Abhi agreed to help Mike tackle. Mike to come up with specific questions (highlighting code) and will email Abhi to set up time to talk. Will keep Paul & Gerardo cc’d.

Major challenges: Lack of documentation to work with.

Action Items:

1. Abhi to close current issue this weekend

2. Mike to email Abhi questions (highlighting code) and setting up time via email to discuss

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