CMS Questions to Cover with John O

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Tickets to walk through

It would be good if we could see the solutions to these
CMS-456 Hyperlink feature broken in Drupal CMS
CMS-459 Need a blank line between a help center article and the "Not exactly what you wanted?" search bar at the bottom.
CMS-487 Fix display of search result previews to display a "more..." link after each article's partial content that is displayed

Drupal configuration and customizations


  1. What do we need to know when upgrading our modules?

    The only time you need to upgrade modules is when there is a security fix
    Otherwise there is a risk of breaking it
    You can upgrade modules
    Learn how to upgrade modules, through drush, localhost,
    Upgrade core, done through Pantheon dashboard. This is more important than updating modules.
    Core and contrib
    Core you will never touch, pantheon can upgrade for you
    Contrib, contributed modules
    Entity, ctools, views are MAJOR modules
    When you install distributions they come with a bunch of modules
    Video series by

  2. Does Bookshare use any custom modules or customized modules that would not be maintained with updates to community modules?

    1. features

    • Something is built and needs to be pushed up in code
    • Don't need to touch these
      There are certain settings you can grab so you can featurize it and push it up via code
      Makes a code snapshot of whatever that view.
      Built in PHP, other files

    2. custom modules

    • Serve a purpose
    • Implement functionality that doesn't exist
      You will only have to update modules in
      /modules = core modules
      /sites/all/modules/contrib = contrib modules
  3. Why were the modules that were chosen chosen?

Externally linked files

  1. What is the process that Drupal goes through for generating the randomly named CSS and JS files?  How could we host those files on a CDN?

    Minification, Aggregation
    1 css file
    1 javascript file

    We didn't really get to the information we needed here. We can see by looking at the grunt script output and the source code on the live site what's happening. What we need to know is the best way to configure it differently so we can move the JS and CSS files to an external site and share them with the Java web applications. (Meeting ended here for live CMS issue.)

  2. Is all of the CSS used on the site in files linked from .tpl template files?  Are there more references to CSS hidden in configuration and other places?  How do we find them?


  1. Which parts of the CMS use "panelizer" and which don't?  Why?
  2. If we find a module in two places in the source code, such as panopoly search, how do we know which one is being used?
  3. Does the CMS use the Bookshare theme and the Kalatheme (in sites/themes) ?  When does it use each one?
  4. Which folders get overwritten in an upgrade?  Which .php/.tpl files are we supposed to update?
  5. How is Solr used by the CMS?  Can you give us an overview?
  6. For the various types of pages, how do I identify them (panelizer, other) and how do I systematically find where to edit the content on those pages.

Build environment


  1. Where is load-grunt-tasks defined? 
  2. Does run everything in the grunt folder?
  3. What is the history of the way that this grunt build environment was created?  For example, is this adopted from some standard process that is documented somewhere, or was it developed internally to Kalamuna?





  1. How and where do I add new unit tests to Jasmine?


  1. What process do you go through to apply a security update to the site?


  1. What do we need to know about Pantheon that would be surprising for someone used to administering Drupal sites?
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