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Below you'll find a list of books that have been donated to Bookshare. Since we are unable to process them in-house, we will be sending them to scanners. In order to be eligible to scan this book, you must have successfully scanned at least two books. The goal of this program is to process books that we would otherwise be unable to process, as well as to make more books available for proofreaders. If this appears to you, please send an email to with the subject line "books for scanners" and with three titles you would be interested in scanning. We will then send you one of those titles and follow up with an instructional email. These books are not in the collection as of 7/15/15, but if anyone notices that one of them has been added, please email as soon as possible!

Book List:

Fiction, Romance

A Book of Memories Peter Nadas First published in Hungary in 1986 after a five-year battle with censors, Péter Nádas's A Book of Memories is a modern classic, a multi-layered narrative that tells three parallel stories of love and betrayal.
Fiction, Romance Delphine Mel Arrighi Delphine. New York's most fashionable, glamorous people swore by her, as well they might. For she was their goddess, their revered psychoanalyst, their beloved healer. She was the one person who they prayed could free their minds, stir their creativity, open wide their sexuality. Yet she had the sickest desires of all…
Fiction, Romance Gardens of Stone Nicholas Proffitt This war-toughened sergeant who passionately longs to train soldiers for fighting in Vietnam is assigned to the elite Old Guard. His girlfriend, a Washington Post reporter, is against the war but respects his view. The sergeant takes a zealous soldier under his wing and tries to help train him for his tour in Vietnam, but the young soldier is killed three weeks before returning from Vietnam.
Fiction, Romance The St. Clair Summer Marvin Werlin, Mark Werlin David and Dorian St. Clair, brother and sister, heirs to a fabulous hotel dynasty. Young, proud, and beautiful, the world was theirs for the taking, and no one and nothing could ever come between them. No one except a handsome, daring, talented, and ambitious young artist named Alan Conway. The three of them came together in a dazzling time of discovery and desire that led them from the gold coast of Long Island to a Hollywood lotus land, from San Francisco crash pads to legendary East Village parties, from swinging London to Paris at its most perverse. They swore they'd make this magical moment in their lives last forever, unable to foresee the unthinkable tragedy and scandal that would spell the end of - The St. Clair Summer.
Fiction, Romance Love’s Wildest Promise Patricia Matthews It seemed so distant and unreachable to the innocent, young Sarah Moody, lady’s maid in a wealthy London home. Then suddenly the world turns upside down. Sarah is abducted and smuggled aboard a ship sailing for the Colonies...a dark and stormy voyage filled with violence, treachery, and unbridled lust. In the midst of wanton revelry and unspeakable hardship Sarah recognizes a spark of something solid and true in one man, Captain Jebediah Hawkins. As the ship reaches New Orleans, Sarah quickly realizes that her adventures have only just begun.
Fiction, Romance Lucky Us Joan Silber Once upon a very recent time in New York City, there was a couple, two ordinary single people who met the way city people meet. Even though mismatched, they fell in love. And after some hesitations they decided, finally, to marry-only to look up and find their world caving in around them.
Fiction, Romance River of Dreams Gay Courter Nothing in Brazil is as it first seems, convent-bred Margaret Clairborne is warned when she arrives in Rio, a city named for a non-existent river. One of many who fled the defeated South to Brazil after the Civil War, Margaret is a brilliant pianist, but an innocent about a distant land that has its own rules about life and love. Here Margaret meets and marries her best friends brother, the most powerful man in Rio. Though he adores her, Erik Larson harbors his dark secrets from Margaret leaving her to find a unique identity of her own.
Fiction, Romance Steamboat Gothic Frances Parkinson Keyes In 'Steamboat Gothic' Mrs. Keyes tells not only the story of the great Louisiana plantations, but of the river which contributed so largely to their prosperity, their prestige and their splendor. Plantations and the river, and the loves and lives of the men and women who peopled them come alive in a superb novel which is all the more truly a great contribution to Americana because it is a great love story.
Fiction, Romance The Sanctuary Tree Norma Johnston Fifteen-year-old Tish faces the death of her grandfather, parting from her sweetheart, and the birth of a niece. Sequel to "Glory in the Flower.
Fiction, Romance The Seas of Fortune Simon McKay While on a dangerous steamship voyage, Penelope Meigs falls passionately in love with the handsome Captain Edward Anderson despite his marriage to another woman.
Religion and Spirituality What Buddhists Believe K. Sri Dhammananda The first edition of this book came into being in 1964 as a result of questions posed by devotees to the Venerable Author in the course of his delivering a prolonged series of Dhamma talks throughout the length and breadth of Malaysia. He felt that a book of this nature should serve as a handy reference book for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, presenting in simplified form the beliefs and concepts of Buddhism, and also Buddhist attitude toward other beliefs.
Religion and Spirituality The Story of Scripture Daniel Jeremy Silver A controversial but interesting and lucid analysis of the development of scripture in Judaism. Pointing out that the truly creative period in each of the major Western religions was in its pre-written scripture period, he argues that "some scriptural material is neither high minded nor significant." Silver analyzes the emergence of scripture in relation to the spread of literate society and describes the importance of the development of the alphabet to this phenomenon.
Non-Fiction, Religion Acts Larry Woiwode Larry Woiwode, the author, has been the Poet Laureate of North Dakota since 1995. Woiwode examines Christian culture and his own faith in the light of the book of Acts. The result is a tough, moving, personal testament.
Religion and Spirituality This is Christianity Maxie Dunnam Who is God? What is my relationship to God? Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus come? What is salvation? sin? Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the Church? What is heaven like? What does it mean to be a Christian? What is the kingdom of God? If these are questions you ask, whether aloud or silently, this book is for you. In an introduction to the basics of Christian faith, Maxie Dunnam addresses these questions and others in a style that is readable and easy to understand.
Theology, “Science” Thomas Berry and the New Cosmology Gregory Baum, James Farris, Stephen Dunn, Margaret Brennan, Caroline Richards, Donald Senior, Brian Swimme One of the most challenging problems facing theologians, pastors, and religious educators is to relate their fields of study and ministry to a new cosmology and its companion, creation spirituality. This book presents the foremost spokesperson of a new cosmology, Thomas Berry, and introduces a fresh vision of creation and our relationships within that creation. It then portrays a fresh vision of creation and our relationships within that creation.
Religion and Spirituality Thinking the Faith Douglas John Hall Douglas John Hall is a Professor of Christian Theology Emeritus at McGill University in Montreal. He is widely known through his extensive lectures and such acclaimed works as Lighten Our Darkness and God and Human Suffering. This volume, along with Professing the Faith and Confessing the Faith, forms a trilogy that addresses the future shape of Christian theology and life in North America.
Religion and Spirituality A History of Christian Thought Paul Tillich In 'A History of Christian Thought', Paul Tillich has accomplished the supremely difficult feat of creating a work at once brilliantly authoritative and comprehensive, while remaining clear and uncluttered by scholarly annotation and debate.
Religion and Spirituality A Monastic Tribute Thomas Merton Biography of Thomas Merton.
Religion and Spirituality The Seance Suzane Northrop In this groundbreaking book, Suzane makes you an eyewitness to scenes where sorrow and anger turn to love and forgiveness. You will read the testimonies of people who have heard from those on the other side.  You will discover dramatic truths that will take you by surprise...whether you believe or not.  And if you choose, you will learn how to communicate with the spirit world, discovering for yourself the inner peace that comes with the knowledge that death is not the end.
Religion and Spirituality Professing the Faith Douglas John Hall What does it mean to profess the faith as North American Christians at the end of the second millennium? Douglas Hall looks to the heart of Christian faith-its teaching about God, Creatures, and Christ-to articulate a critical and creative response to contemporary culture. The Core of Hall’s trilogy, Professing the Faith is a fresh and frank engagement of the North American context by one of the continent’ finest religious thinkers.
Religion A Still, Small Voice Benedict J. Groeschel Father Groeschel, the highly respected author, psychologist, spiritual director and leader of renewal in the religious life, has written a brief but comprehensive practical guide for all those interested in private revelations, the reports of visions and other extraordinary religious phenomena that are so widespread in these times. Drawing on spiritual classics and Church documents not readily available, he summarizes the Church's perennial wisdom on this topic.
Resource, Religion and Spirituality Dictionary of Ancient Rabbis: Selections From the Jewish Encyclopedia Jacob Neusner The Jewish Encyclopaedia, the monumental ten-volume resource on all aspects of Judaism, was originally published at the turn of the twentieth century. Introduced and compiled by Jacob Neusner, the Dictionary of Ancient Rabbis selects every entry from The Jewish Encyclopaedia devoted to the rabbis of the Mishnah, Tosefta, and Talmuds. Today’s scholars, students, clergy, and laity will find this a valuable companion volume to Judaism’s classical texts.
Religion and Spirituality The Ethics of The new Testament Wolfgang Schrage In an age of uncertainty and drift, reconsideration of New Testament ethics seems especially urgent. The Ethics of the New Testament explores how life was lived in the earliest Christian communities: what were the foundations, the support for, and the criteria and principles for this way of acting and living.
Religion and Spirituality Can We Trust The Old Testament? William Neil This book is a companion volume to John Robinson's paperback called 'Can We Trust the New Testament' published in 1977. It would be surprising if the first reaction of the average Christian reader is not to relegate this, or any other book on the Old Testament, to a much lower category of importance than almost anything which deals with the New Testament. The New Testament is after all a unique collection of documents concerned with the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, the foundations and origins of the Christian Church: the inspired thoughts of the earliest followers of Jesus, and the faith and practice which in time was to shape Christendom. Of all this the Old Testament appears to tell us little or nothing.
Religion Eschatological Rationality Gerhard Sauter Collection of essays gathered Gerhard Sauter, by one of the leading Protestant Theologians of today - essays cover Christology, the human experience, suffering, theological anthropology, and the theological works of Karl Bart and Christian Hope. The book also covers the state of theology in Germany and a critique by the author.
Non-Fiction, Religion and Spirituality The Church In An Age of Revolution Alec R. Vidler The French Revolution dealt a fatal blow to the alliance of Church and State. The Christian church had to adapt to great changes - from the social upheavals of the Industrial Revolution to the philosophical speculations of Kant's 'Copernican revolution', to Darwin's evolutionary theories. Some Christians were driven to panic and blind reaction, others were inspired to re-interpret their faith; the results of this conflict within the fabric of the Church are still reverberating today. In this masterly appraisal of a doubt-ridden and turbulent period in Christianity Alec Vidler concludes with a discussion of the position of the Church in modern times and expertly answers the question: 'Has the Church stood up to the Age of Revolution?'
Science, spirituality Science and Wisdom Jürgen Moltmann Moltmann’s new book offers a careful theological reading of our contemporary scientific worldview and directly addresses the related cultural dilemmas. Moltmann begins by analyzing the identification of science with the modern spirit and the religious assumptions that inform Western science. He affirms the positive side of scientific advancement, sees the present crisis clearly, and looks for wisdom that can guide our scientific and religious future.
Non-Fiction, Historical Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation D. Glenn Rose, Avraham Biran, Robert G. Boling, Joseph A. Callaway, Edward F. Campbell Jr., Ralph W. Doermann, Valerie M. Fargo, Frank S. Frick, Paul F. Jacobs, Philip J. King, Nancy L. Lapp, Abraham Malamat, George E. Mendenhall, J. Maxwell Miller, Walter E. Rast, James F. Ross, Joe D. Seger, Yigal Shiloh, Ephraim Stern, Lawrence E. Toombs The contributors in this book use the most recent research in key areas - the early settlements of Israel, early Israelite religion, Qumran, Jerusalem, early Christian churches - to show that ancient writings and modern archaeology can illuminate each other, but only when used with professional care.
Non-Fiction, Food and Wine Bacchus and Me Jay McInerney Jay McInerney on wine? Yes, Jay McInerney on wine! The best-selling novelist has turned his command of language and flair for metaphor on the world of wine, providing this sublime collection of untraditional musings on wine and wine culture that is as fit for someone looking for “a nice Chardonnay” as it is for the oenophile.
Non-Fiction, Science Born to Rebel Frank J. Sulloway Frank J. Sulloway envisions families as ecosystems in which siblings compete for parental favor by occupying specialized niches.  Combing through thousands of biographies in politics, science, and religion, he demonstrates that firstborn children are more likely to identify with authority whereas their younger siblings are predisposed to rise against it. Family dynamics, Sulloway concludes, is a primary engine of historical change.
Non-Fiction, Self-Help Garden To Order Ken Kraft An informal history of the W. Atlee Burpee Seed company, with information on modern plant breeding, and answers to many gardening problems.
Non-Fiction, Historical Narvik Captain Donald Macintyre Britain’s campaign in Norway in the early days of World War II-Spring, 1940- was the first military action in history in which the three arms-naval, military and air-were employed in cooperation. Narvik is a detailed examination of the whole Norwegian campaign with particular efforts of both the Germans and the British to place troops in and secure the strategically important little town of Narvik in northern Norway. CHOPPED
Non-Fiction Nationalism and Liberty Hans Kohn This essay is published in the hope that it might help to illuminate the significant contribution which an understanding of Swiss nationalism can make to the solution of some of our most bewildering problems.
Nonfiction, Animals No Naughty Cats Debra Pirotin, D.V.M., and Sherry Suib Cohen Yes, it's true, cats can be trained, contrary to popular belief. And the fact is that by doing so, both you and your pet will enjoy each other more than ever before. Dr. Pirotin's easy-to-follow approach to handling even the most stubborn cat will help develop companionable and agreeable habits that can lead to a healthier, more loving companion. NO NAUGHTY CATS is a complete program for cat training and handling.
Non-Fiction On Character James Q. Wilson Wilson argues throughout these essays that to have good character one needs to have at least developed a sense of empathy and self control. In various chapters he writes about crime, families, communities and schooling with those two traits-empathy and self-control-as a basis. He presents the current crises of our community in clear perspective: how much can society tolerate? what is the role of the police? the family? what is a moral virtue? Wilson concludes with an argument that all humans have an inborn "moral sense". We are, after all, social beings, dependent on each other and we have an obligation to each other to develop that moral sense if we care about each other
Non-Fiction, Self-Help Peaceful Living in a Stressful World Ronald Hutchcraft A practical four-point strategy for replacing stress with peace.
Non-Fiction, Historical Power and Popular Protest Susan Eckstein Eclectic and insightful, these essays-by historians, sociologists, political scientists, and anthropologists-represent a range of subjects on the cause and consequence of protest movements in Latin America, from an examination of the varying faces but common origins of rural guerrilla movements, to a discussion of multiclass protests, to an essay on las madres de plaza de mayo. This volume is an indispensable text for anyone concerned with reducing inequities and injustices around the world, so that oppressed people need not be defiant before their concerns are addressed.
Non-Fiction, Science/Medicine Prozac And The New Antidepressants William S. Appleton But what do most of these people really know about these so-called miracle drugs? In this practical and user-friendly guide, Harvard Medical School professor William Appleton answers all the important basic questions, including: How do I know if I need to take an antidepressant? What are the various side effects? Which antidepressant is right for me? How will it affect my personality? What can I do if none of the drugs can help me?
Non-Fiction, Self-Help Semper Fi Dan Carrison, Rod Walsh For more than 200 years, the U.S. Marine Corps has been a paragon of world-class leadership, excelling in the areas of motivation, training, and management. Semper Fi -- which since its hardcover publication has become a best-selling, business leadership classic -- shows readers how to adapt these proven practices for their own organizations. Semper Fi goes behind the scenes to pinpoint what works for the USMC, showing readers how to create a training and management culture that brings out the best in all their employees.
Advice/self help Sexual Harassment No More Jim Conway, Sally Conway Drawing from contemporary research, from their training in psychology and adult development, and from their 30 years of counseling experience, Jim and Sally Conway tackle a bewildering and painful subject. With boldness and sensitivity, they show both men and women how to put a stop to one of today's most widespread problems.
Non-Fiction, Self-Help Steering or Drifting--Which? Israel H. Levinthal A sincere and intensely interesting volume dealing with such phases of Jewish life as: How shall Jewish children be held and guided in the new American environment? What shall be done to prevent empty synagogues as well as empty churches? Should the Jew amalgamate with the Christian? Encouraging answers to these and many similar questions will be found in the twenty-seven sermons and addresses, delivered on various occasions, which comprised this book.
Non-Fiction, Science The Coming Plague Laurie Garrett Unpurified drinking water. Improper use of antibiotics. Local warfare. Massive refugee migration. Changing social and environmental conditions around the world have fostered the spread of new and potentially devastating viruses and diseases---HIV, Lassa, Ebola, and others. Laurie Garrett takes you on a fifty-year journey through the world's battles with microbes and examines the worldwide conditions that have culminated in recurrent outbreaks of newly discovered diseases, epidemics of diseases migrating to new areas, and mutated old diseases that are no longer curable. She argues that it is not too late to take action to prevent the further onslaught of viruses and microbes, and offers possible solutions for a healthier future.
Non-Fiction The Sacredness of the Person Hans Joas In The Sacredness of the Person, internationally renowned sociologist and social theorist Hans Joas tells a story that differs from conventional narratives by tracing the concept of human rights back to the Judeo-Christian tradition or, alternately, to the secular French Enlightenment. While drawing on sociologists such as Émile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Ernst Troeltsch, Joas sets out a new path, proposing an affirmative genealogy in which human rights are the result of a process of "sacralization" of every human being.
Non-Fiction, Worlds of Pain Lillian Breslow Rubin "The affluent and happy worker of whom we have heard so much in recent decades doesn't exist," declares Lillian Rubin in this brilliant and moving account of the angers, frustrations, and small joys of life in the American white working class today.  She describes the grim childhood memories of the men and women who make up what has been called "the silent majority," their troubled marriages, uncommunicative sex lives, unfulfilling work, and all too costly leisure.  In doing so, she uncovers frightening ambiguities in the lives of people to whom America promised so much but delivered so little.
Non-Fiction, Food The Winter Vegetarian Darra Goldstein With a true love for winter's culinary delights, Darra Goldstein's The Winter Vegetarian will make you long for the winter months year-round. Containing recipes from cold-climate cuisines all over the world, here is a creative and inspired collection that offers healthful and flavorful meals for any winter occasion.
Non-Fiction Warriors Gerald Hanley This superb portrait of one of the world's most desolate, sun-scorched lands, inhabited by fiercely independent tribesmen, is Rageh Omer's favorite book on his native land. A grueling description of a little-known aspect of WWII, Warriors describes a group of British Army soldiers charged with preventing bloodshed between feuding tribes at a remote outstation in Somalia. Hanley turns this period of his life, a difficult time that drove seven officers to suicide, into a devastating critique of imperialism.
Fiction, Mystery/Suspense Blood Run Leah Ruth Robinson Dr. Evelyn Sutcliffe works and thrives in an urban war zone -- battling death everyday in the Emergency Room of Manhattan's University Hospital. But even her superior skill cannot save Shelley Reinish -- a fellow doctor, a close friend and apparent suicide -- dead from a drug overdose. This time the Reaper has won, leaving Evelyn distraught and devastated, and questioning her abilities as a healer. But why would Shelley -- a healthy, talented young surgeon with a good marriage -- take her own life? It is a question that haunts Dr. Sutcliffe; one that is leading her into the hidden corners of the medical world toward terrifying secrets that reside in the darkest recesses of the human heart. And the next life she must fight to save will be her own…
Fiction Household Words Joan Silber The year is 1940, and Rhoda Taber is pregnant with her first child. Satisfied with her comfortable house in a New Jersey suburb and her reliable husband, Leonard, she expects that her life will be predictable and secure. Surprised by an untimely death, an unexpected illness, and the contrary natures of her two daughters, Rhoda finds that fate undermines her sense of entitlement and security. Shrewd, wry, and sometimes bitter, Rhoda reveals herself to be a wonderfully flawed and achingly real woman caught up in the unexpectedness of her own life.
Fiction In The City Joan Silber In 1925, Pauline Samuels, fresh out of high school in Newark, believes she is moving light years away from her immigrant parents when she crosses the river to settle in Greenwich Village. She wants to “enter, somehow, a circle of people who [do] artistic and outrageous things and to be admired by them, to be famous for being with them.” As she happily enters a life of speakeasies, parties, and political rallies, she learns hard lessons in love affairs (one tinged by violence) and sheds illusions. In this second novel, Silber has her eye once again on how the assumptions of one era are outfoxed by experience.
Fiction Psychic Investigator Hans Holzer Hans Holzer, renowned parapsychologist and author of several best-selling books on the supernatural, earned his world-wide reputation as a phantom sleuth by proving the presence of ghosts, as well as by chasing them from their favorite haunts and exposing cranks and frauds.
Fiction Sins Judith Gould As a child in Nazi-occupied France, seven-year-old Hélène Junot witnessed the brutal murder, rape and violence that tore her family apart and left her orphaned. Vowing to repay the sins visited upon her family seven-fold, she swore vengeance -- and throughout the tumultuous decades that followed, committed her own share of sins as she ruthlessly built a fashion empire and clawed her way to the top, climbing to the peaks of glamourous international society, money and power. But vengeance can carry a price all its own. Relentlessly pursued by more than her share of wrathful enemies --all of whom have personal reasons to destroy, or even kill her --she discovers that love is a far more powerful potion than retribution and that it is the only salvation that can make her life whole.
Fiction So Many Partings Cathy Cash Spellman Ireland, 1874. In a small whitewashed cottage on the grounds of a great estate, a baby boy is born. His name is Tom Dalton. He is the son of an Irish peasant and her aristocratic lover. And so begins the story of a family whose past is deeply rooted in the turbulence of Irish history but who thrive and flourish in the America of the twentieth century. From the poverty of the Irish immigrant to the wealth of the self-made man; from the sorrows of a young boy, deserted by fortune and family, to the triumph of a patriarch capable of outwitting Fate itself -- this is the story of Thomas Dalton and the women who touch his life.
Fiction The Lion’s Way Lewis Orde This is the compelling saga of men and women torn between family and tradition, ambition and fame, passion and need ... a story of the troubled and talented Daniel Kirshbaum, whose struggle to rise above his poor immigrant heritage becomes the driving force in his life. It is a tapestry of lives interwoven and intermingled, a world of glamor and ghettos, crime and passion, love and hate, war and peace, triumphs and tears -- and above all, of one man's unrelenting determination to survive ... an all-consuming saga that spans four generations in the life of a fascinating, gifted man, and the remarkable women who enriched his world.
Fiction Star Songs of an Old Primate James Tiptree, Jr. When Ian Suitlov and Pax Patton landed on Esthaa to check for humans, the job wasn’t as easy as it appeared. Through the natives seemed human enough, only cross-breeding would be conclusive proof. But how were they to prove anything, when sex was punishable by death…
Fiction The Sisters Pat Booth In the sleek and driven world of Los Angeles-where celebrity, sex, and love are optioned to the highest bidder, two famous sistersone a bestselling novelist, the other a renowned actress-are locked in a dangerous duel of glamour, decadence, and revenge, HOLLYWOOD STYLE.
Memoir The Resilient Warrior Jerry Yellin It has been said that the only warriors who do not suffer after combat are those who were killed. I cannot attest to that for all battle tested warriors but I certainly can for one---me. Some years ago a young, 13 year old eighth grade student from the Fairfield, Iowa Middle School once asked me, "Were you wounded in the war?
Poetry Rules of the House Tsering Wangmo Dhompa Dhompa's potent suite of poems elucidates the humanness and adversities of the Tibetan diaspora. You enter the immigrant girl-child's bifurcated world, coming and going, language to language, culture to culture, from childhood to sexuality. A lovely explication of 'dharma---things as they are, and how precious they are, no special pleading
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