4.2 D. Optional proofreading steps

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4.2  D.  Optional proofreading steps

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Use 3 asterisks on a line by themselves to indicate a change of scene or pause

     The following is not technically required, but is helpful to the reader.

     An author may add extra space between two paragraphs to indicate a change of scene or a pause in
     the narrative.  This space can consist of several blank lines, or one of the lines may contain a decorative
     design or several symbols.

     Since the RTF Converter will remove all extra blank lines (and therefore the change of scene or pause)
     from the file immediately after you upload your finished proof, these lines will only be retained if they
     contain at least one character.

     One commonly-used convention proofreaders use to accomplish this is to type 3 asterisks in a row
     on a line by themselves:


     Place this line containing the 3 asterisks between the two paragraphs where the author intended the
     change of scene or pause.


4.2 C. 1_Screenshot of a page where several BLANK LINES between paragraphs indicate a change of scene.

     Do this:

     One of those lives, I realized as I looked at him, could very well be my own. I told him I understood.


     CERTAIN NOW THAT THE SALVADORANS, and who knows who else, were watching my every move,

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The page Scanning And Proofreading Manual does not exist.

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