4.2 A. Proofreading Training

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4.2  A.  Proofreading Training

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1)  View or download the TRAINING BOOK

      The proofreading training book "Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes, and Other Papers" is available here:

      Birds and Bees, TRAINING BOOK

2)  View or download the INSTRUCTIONS

      *  These instructions should be all you need to proofread the training book "Birds and Bees,
          Sharp Eyes, and Other Papers".  We estimate this will take 1 to 2 hours.

      *  Use Draft view to proofread if you are using MS Word 2007 ("Normal view" if using Word 2003).
          Do not proofread in Print Layout as that "view" will not allow you to see Section Breaks.

      Birds and Bees, INSTRUCTIONS

3)  View or download the ANSWERS

      When you're finished proofreading, check your answers and see what your file should look like:

      Birds and Bees, ANSWERS

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