4.1 C. View information about a book

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4.1  C.  View information about a book

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              1)  View the  metadata  of your book
              2)  View the  Book Processing History  of a book

1)  View the metadata of a book

      To get more information about a particular book, click on its title.  The resulting page contains data
      about the book, or metadata, such as the book's title, author, synopsis, ISBN number, etc.

      After you finish proofreading, you will go through a Check in process.  During this process, you'll
      verify the accuracy of this metadata, which was entered by the person who scanned the book.
      Verifying that the metadata here matches what is stated in the book itself is an essential part
      of the proofreading process.

4.1 C. 1_Screenshot of the SUMMARY PAGE of a book. Highlighted are the fields you will verify and/or modify later.

      If you'll be looking at the metadata pages of many books and don't wish to wait for the Checkout List to
      reload each time, you may want to open each metadata page in a separate window of your
      web browser.

      To do this, proofreaders using Windows can do the following:
      -  While in the Checkout List,  Control-click  on the book's title.
         (Another method of opening a separate window is to right-click on the book's title and choose
         "Open In New Window".)

      -  To close a metadata window, press  Control-F4.
         (One of your remaining windows will still contain the Checkout List.)

2)  View the Book Processing History of a book

      A little Bookshare terminology
      -  A Submitter is Bookshare's term for the person who scanned the book.
      -  We also say a book has been submitted, meaning the book has been scanned and
          then uploaded to the Checkout List.

      To know who submitted this book, and whether or not it has been downloaded for proofreading before:

      A.  On the book's metadata page, find the section titled Related Links.

      B.  In that section, click the link View Book History.

      C.  The screenshot below shows part of the Book Processing History page for the book titled:
           "Hold for NEW VOL: The Soul of a Butterfly: Reflections on Life's Journey"

4.1 C. 2_Screenshot of the top part of a BOOK PROCESSING HISTORY page.

      D.  Please give particular attention to the column labeled Comments

           This Comments column may contain important information about the book:

           -  from a Bookshare administrator,

           -  a request from the Submitter to the Proofreader to check specific information about the book,
              such as the author's name or copyright holder,

           -  other helpful information about this scan that the Submitter may have provided for the Proofreader.

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The page Scanning And Proofreading Manual does not exist.

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