4.1 B. How to Check out a book for proofreaowding

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4.1  B.  How to Check out a book for proofreading

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              1)  Before you check out a book
              2)  How to get to the Checkout List
              3)  How to Check out a book
              4)  Check out limits

Special Note
Volunteers who have older electronic Braille devices that cannot handle RTF documents are strongly
encouraged to proofread books using a word processing program.

Please do not convert the file to TXT format, since page breaks and other formatting may be lost.

1)  Before you check out a book

      *  Be sure you want to proofread this book!
      *  Decide where on your computer you will download the book.
      *  You may want to create a new folder that's easy to find, and easy to remember!

2)  How to get to the Checkout List

      A.  Log in, using the email address you provided when you signed up.

      B.  After you log in, the blue bar at the top of the page is your Task Bar.

      C.  On the left side of your Task Bar, select Volunteer Home.

4.1 B. 1_Screenshot of your TASK BAR immediately after logging in. An arrow points to the link VOLUNTEER HOME.

      You're now at the Volunteer Home page.

      D.  On the left side of the Volunteer Home page, under In This Section, select Checkout a Book.

4.1 B. 2_Screenshot of the VOLUNTEER HOME page. An arrow points to the link CHECKOUT A BOOK.

      You're now at the Checkout List.

3)  How to Check out a book

      A.  Find the line with the title of the book you wish to check out.

      B.  In the  Action  column, click  Check out.

4.1 B. 3_Screenshot of the CHECKOUT LIST. An arrow points to the link CHECK OUT.

      C.  A window will appear, giving you a choice to  Save  the file, or to  Open  it.

           (In this window, there's a known bug where someone else's name might appear at the end of
           the title of the book.  You may disregard this!)

      D.  Choose  Save.

      E.  Browse to the folder on your computer that you have chosen for this download.

      F.  Click  OK.

      G.  Back at the Checkout List, click the  My Checked Out Books  link near the top, to see the book
           you have just checked out.

           The next topic in this manual describes how to view information about this book.

4)  Check out limits

      A.  You cannot proofread a book that you have scanned

           A second review of the book by a different volunteer helps insure high quality books, which
           is an important objective of Bookshare.

      B.  At any one time, you may have up to 5 books checked out

           Your My Checked Out Books area can contain a maximum of 5 books.  This way,
           books waiting to be proofread will be available to the broadest number of volunteers.

           If you already have 5 books checked out, you'll receive an error message should you
           attempt to check out a 6th book.

      C.  A known bug

           After clicking Check out, if you next click Cancel, the book will still be checked out.

           -  Usually, clicking Cancel would cancel any action.

           -  Instead, the book is still moved into your My Checked Out Books area.

           -  If this happens, just follow this link to the section  4.5  Release a book.

To the next Topic:  C. View information about a book

The page Scanning And Proofreading Manual does not exist.

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