3.2 Do searches before choosing a book to scan

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3.2  Do searches before choosing a book to scan

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              A.  Search the Bookshare library  (aka 'the collection')
              B.  Search Books In Process
              C.  Check Imprints and Publishers currently supplying PQ books
              D.  Search Outsourcer & Publisher Titles
              E.  The New York Times top-ten list
              F.  Book eligibility checklist

Bookshare has more than a thousand virtual volunteers scanning books from different locations around the country, as well as hired outsourcers and publishing partners around the world who help process and submit books to the library.  Because so many hands are working simultaneously towards the same goal, it's important to double check before scanning a book, to make sure it is not already either in the library, or being processed right now.  This helps avoid duplication of effort and the frustration that can result when you work hard on a book, only to find that someone else has already submitted it.

Log in to Bookshare.org, using the email address you provided when you signed up.

A.  Search the Bookshare library  (aka 'the collection')

      Use these strategies to check if a book is already in the library:

           1)  At the top of every page is your Task Bar.  In that area, use one of these methods to search:

                a.  Advanced Search
                     Control + Click  on the link below to open a new window.  Then, this window will remain open
                     to come back to after doing the search.  Read the directions at the top for tips.
                     Advanced Search

                b.  The Search box
                     In your Task Bar is a box labeled Search.  Enter your search term(s) into this box.

           2)  Search strategies
                If you don't find the book right away, use fewer words in your search since a title or author will
                occasionally be abbreviated, have an alternate spelling, or be misspelled:
                a.  Search for a keyword or short phrase from the book's title.
                b.  Search for only part of the author's name, such as only the last name.

           3)  Books marked as containing adult content
                Such books will not be shown in search results:
                a.  If the preferences you have set in your area called My Account have been set to block
                     Adult Content, or
                b.  If you are not logged in.

B.  Search "Books In Process"

      Once it has been determined that the book is not in the Bookshare library, check the Books In
      Process pages to see if the book has already been submitted.

      Keep in mind that if a proofreader Rejects a scan, an administrator must still verify that the scan
      should be rejected.  Therefore, such a scan could still be added to the library if an administrator
      overrides the proofreader's recommendation to reject the scan.  Volunteers should not assume then,
      that a book needs to be rescanned if it appears on the Recently Rejected pages.

      The link to Books In Process is on the Volunteer Home page is an area called "In This Section", or
      just  Control + Click  on the link below to open this page in a new window:
      Books In Process

C.  Check "Imprints and Publishers currently supplying PQ books"

      Follow the link below to check that the publisher of your book (or an imprint of a publisher ) is not
      on the list of partners providing digital books to Bookshare.  If they are, you can expect the
      publisher's copy to displace your copy.
      [Imprints and Publishers currently supplying PQ books]

D.  Search "Outsourcer & Publisher Titles"

      To minimize duplicated efforts by our volunteers as well as minimize duplicate books in the library,
      please search this list before you scan.  It's a list of books being processed by our Outsourcers and
      Publishing Partners.  Because books are constantly moving through the pipeline, some books on this
      list may already be in the library.

      This list is not meant to be read, it is meant to be searched.  Use the Search function in your web
      browser to see if the book you plan to scan is on this list.  Doing a  Ctrl + f  will bring up the Search
      function in most web browsers.

      Click below to open the attached file:
      Books being processed through Outsourcers and Publishers

E.  The New York Times top-ten list

      If a book is on the top-ten list of New York Times bestsellers (in the adult fiction and non-fiction
      categories), Bookshare will process it in-house.  Bookshare routinely purchases the top 10 NYT best
      sellers from the hardcover and paperback, fiction and nonfiction lists, and reserves the right to scan
      and proofread them in-house to ensure they are added to the library in excellent condition as swiftly
      as possible.  If a book has been released in the past two weeks, then volunteers should consider
      whether or not it is likely to make the New York Times Best Seller List in the near future before
      scanning it.

F.  Book eligibility checklist

      Use this quick checklist to ensure a book is eligible for the Bookshare library.
      A book should NOT one of the following:

          1)  Already in the collection in excellent or publisher condition
          2)  A copyrighted dramatic work
          3)  A proprietary digital book
          4)  Standardized testing material
          5)  Exams, teacher's edition of textbooks or sample course packet material

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The page Scanning And Proofreading Manual does not exist.

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