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Braille STL

Web App for Text to Braille 3D Model

OpenScad Code for Text to Braille

Lumindustries Text to Braille Converter App

Sources for STL Files

Thingiverse 3D Model Repository‐ free under creative commons

LibraryLyna Educational 3D Model Repository for the Visually Impaired and Model Requesting Site

Yeggi 3D Model Search Engine

TinkerCad 3D Model Repository

Youmagine 3D Model Repository

APH Tactile Graphics Image Library

Tactile Library‐3d‐print‐models/science/other/chemistry‐elements‐set‐welcome‐3d‐models/mathematical‐3d‐surfaces.html chemistry set H, N, C, O single bond‐Printed‐braille‐Grade‐1‐letter‐blocks/ for download (stl)  more stuff to download (stl)‐website‐generates‐3d.html text to braille converter creates stl‐free‐stl‐3d‐models/   25 best places for STL files‐3d‐print‐models/science/other/chemistry‐elements‐set‐welcome‐3d‐models/mathematical‐3d‐surfaces.html chemistry set H, N, C, O single bond‐stem‐apps/


Doug McCune has created a utility application shp2stl to convert GIS data in a shapefile format to a three dimensional model suitable for printing.‐printing‐models‐of‐landscapes.html‐can‐i‐convert‐topographic‐GIS‐data‐into‐the‐proper‐file‐format‐for‐3D‐printing‐printing‐topographic‐map‐from‐dem/

Other Interesting Links‐a‐3d‐model‐using‐three‐js/  put 3d stl file on webpage as 3d models to move it.

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