3D Standards WG meeting notes - 29 July 2015

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3D Standards – 29 July 2015 Telecon

Present: Mia - Pearson, Julie-Benetech, Sue-TSBVI, Kevin-LibraryLyna, Fred-APH, Andrew – APH, Mark – PCC, Lucia – Tactile graphic, George – Learning Ally & Daisy, Ann – Benetek, Lisa – Benetech, Jim-TSBVI, Shiri – Cornell, Brian - NBP

** action items

Note: If you were not able to attend the conference call and would like to join a subgroup contact the chair of that group - see contacts at end of this page.

0.   Introductions

1.   Purpose/goal or Needs or actions of group - what we know, what we assume, why its important.

a.  create a set of Accessible 3D design guidelines for people with visual disabilities. Guidelines to be modeled on tactile graphic guidelines.

b.  Diagrammar – xml record – metadata – grade level, creation, rights, description, tour, link to object, etc. – as a way to keep track of object. Is there anything we need to add?

                                                  i.     Other data – best produced material, time to produce, produced in accordance with design guidelines, resolution,

c.   Materials – what material is best for what kind of object (braille, lines, textures, etc), Research

d.  Printer variability with same file (temperature, settings, slicing) – need to scope. Consumer vs Industrial. Kayla Parks – has done research on this.

e.  3D decision tree – (Lucia) – will be done Monday. Diagram, model, page, table top model.

f.     Resource list – annotate, not just US

g.  Perhaps develop best practices document - basic concepts (e.g. what size of object is tactually meaningful), what is valuable for 3d what makes it unique. How to make it best for teachers

h.  Software for development – create requirements document with macro, ready-made patterns, textures, constrain tool – can’t put things too close together. Develop specific software, tools for teachers/transcribers or lay person.

i.     Modification of existing materials – add cities to map.

2.  decide on top 4-6  objectives/deliverables with a time line. People marked with * are Chair of sub-groups, words in [] are stems for denoting subgroups in the mailing list.
E.g. [some-stem] Message title

a.  [tech] Technical design standards - 3D decision, best practices, resource list

                                                  i.     Jim, Brian, Mark, Kevin, *Mia, Fred

b.  [prod] Production guidelines – materials, printers, best practices, software(?),

                                                  i.     *Sue, Andrew,

c.   [meta] Metadata – diagrammer

                                                  i.     *George, Lucia, Ann, Jim, Mia, Shiri

d.  [soft] Software development or request modification of existing software

                                                  i.     add to Diagram tools working group

                                                ii.     Shiri to follow up

2.  review resources (listserv, shared directory, contact list)

a.  3Dstandards@benetech.org

b.  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B851g3IvDEvafk1WcXVsZVRybGlVVFRFM0RNaGxrc1NBb3BEVEg2RDdGN0oweDEweVh2UHc&usp=sharing_eid&invite=CITGu9cM  or https://goo.gl/w25okt
Logistics of the drive folder. Basically the homepages and the folders and the hierarchy. This way we can be more organized.

c.   Github, or benetech wiki

d.  **Jim - Create subgroup contact list - done - see end of this message

e.  **Jim - Create whole group contact - done - see end of this message

3.  set lifespan of group (6 months - year)

4.  set a next meeting time/ set bi-weekly or bi-monthly meeting time.

a.  **Jim – doodle poll

b.  Phone bridges

                                                  i.     Jim

                                                ii.     Diagram

                                              iii.     Pcc

Other info

APH Basic tactile anatomy atlas - human body parts – George would like to see atlas in 3d. create the audio.

No description standard yet – work is ongoing in APH and others.

description guidelines resources –

Guideline A: Images - National Center for Accessible Media

Guidelines for Describing Images for Assessments

Guidelines for Describing STEM Images
http://ncam.wgbh.org/experience_learn/educational_media/stemdx/guidelines Requirements for providing text to act as an alternative for images

AEB's Guidelines for Verbal Description - Art Beyond Sight


Creating object from scratch is difficult. Perhaps having a curated/tested repository. Preservation of well done models is a must.

George – is there funding. Diagrammer update will cost some.  Benetech may provide copy editing, distribution, etc. perhaps updating diagrammer

Research – phase2

Accessible tools – sketchup, OSCAD, tinkercad,

FYI- Tinkerine would be interested in hosting the objects that satisfy the standards.

3D standards Contact list

Abigale Stangl <abigale.stangl@gmail.com>;
Andrew Moulton <amoulton@aph.org>;
Anh Bui <anhb@benetech.org>;
Betsy Beaumon <betsyg@benetech.org>;
BJ Dietz Epstein bjepstein@lighthouse-sf.org<bjepstein@lighthouse-sf.org" class="external-link" rel="nofollow"linktype="raw" wikidestination="mailto:bjepstein@lighthouse-sf.org" originalalias="bjepstein@lighthouse-sf.org" >bjepstein@lighthouse-sf.org> and <ais@lighthouse-sf.org>;
Brian MacDonald <bmacdonald@nbp.org>;
Fred Otto <fotto@aph.org>;
George Kerscher <kerscher@montana.com> Chair Metadata subgroup
Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu> and <jimallan@gmail.com>;
Joshua Hori <sdcetext@ucdavis.edu>;
Julie Noblitt <julien@benetech.org>;
Kevin Yang <kevinyang@librarylyna.com>;
Lisa Wadors <lisaw@benetech.org>;
Liz Arum <liz@tinkerine.com>;
Lucia Hasty <lucia@tactilegraphics.org>;
Mark Mintz <mmintz@pasadena.edu>;
Mia Lipner <mia.lipner@pearson.com> Chair Technical subgroup;
Rich Cameron <whosawhatsis@gmail.com>;
Shiri Azenkot <shiri.azenkot@cornell.edu>;
Susan Mattson <mattsons@tsbvi.edu> Chair Production subgroup;
Ting Siu (gmail address) <ting.siu@gmail.com>

Technical [tech] subgroup

​Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu> and <jimallan@gmail.com>;
​Brian MacDonald <bmacdonald@nbp.org>;

​Mark Mintz <mmintz@pasadena.edu>;​

​Kevin Yang <kevinyang@librarylyna.com>;​

​Mia Lipner <mia.lipner@pearson.com> Chair Technical subgroup;​

​Fred Otto <fotto@aph.org>;​

​Production [prod] subgroup

​Susan Mattson <mattsons@tsbvi.edu> Chair Production subgroup;

​Andrew Moulton <amoulton@aph.org>;​

​Metadata [meta] subgroup

​George Kerscher <kerscher@montana.com> Chair Metadata subgroup

​Lucia Hasty <lucia@tactilegraphics.org>;​

​Anh Bui <anhb@benetech.org>;​

​​Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu> and <jimallan@gmail.com>;​

​Mia Lipner <mia.lipner@pearson.com>​

​Shiri Azenkot <shiri.azenkot@cornell.edu>;​


http://www.tsbvi.eduJim Allan, Accessibility Coordinator

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1100 W. 45th St., Austin, Texas 78756
voice 512.206.9315512.206.9315    fax: 512.206.9264  http://www.tsbvi.edu/

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