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Accessibility Metadata Project
Book Quality
Report quality related issues in regards to books downloaded from Bookshare.org
Bookshare Open Space
Public documentation about Bookshare.org services.
DIAGRAM 3D Standards Working Group
Diagram Content Working Group
Diagram Outreach Working Group
Diagram Standards Working Group
Diagram Tools Working Group
Google Summer of Code 2015
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Mar 26
Page: Volunteer Completion Data
Page: Code Alliance Volunteers
Page: Archive
Page: Code Alliance New Volunteer Projects
Feb 13
Page: MathML Cloud AWS Architecture
File mmlc.png
File mmlc architecture.png
Feb 07
Page: Google Summer of Code 2017
File gsoc.png
Page: Benetech New Projects
Page: Code Alliance Events
Page: Code Alliance 2017 Needs
Dec 05
Page: 4.9 A. Proofreading using Microsoft Word 2003
Updated section 7 so that Author Name is no longer changed to 18pt font, and title is only put in 20pt the first time it...
Nov 02
Home page: Home
Page: Rutherford Living History at Duke University
Sep 28, 2016
Page: MathML Cloud AWS Development Cheatsheet
Page: AIRR Developer Notes (will be moved to own space soon)
Jul 13, 2016
Page: ARIA on Bookshare.org
Jul 13, 2016
Page: MathML Cloud AWS Infrastructure
Jun 14, 2016
Page: Performance Tests July 2015
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Page: 3.2 B. Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers (Bookshare Open Space)
Page: 5. The metadata (Bookshare Open Space)
Page: Scanning and Proofreading Manual - No Longer Accurate as of Fall 2014 (Bookshare Open Space)