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Oct 20
Page: Code Alliance Volunteers
Page: Code Alliance New Projects
Oct 13
Comment: Re: Home
For some reason the source of inserted images gets a relative path. Which leads to the images not being loaded if the fe...
Sep 28
Page: MathML Cloud AWS Development Cheatsheet
Page: AIRR Developer Notes (will be moved to own space soon)
Jul 15
Page: Labs Scores
Jul 13
Page: ARIA on Bookshare.org
Jul 13
Page: MathML Cloud AWS Infrastructure
Jun 14
Page: Performance Tests July 2015
Jun 08
PDF File tactile-map-guidelines.pdf
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Page: 3.2 B. Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers (Bookshare Open Space)
Page: 5. The metadata (Bookshare Open Space)
Page: Scanning and Proofreading Manual - No Longer Accurate as of Fall 2014 (Bookshare Open Space)